Prepare a 250 to 400-word and response to two post 50 words minimum

I’m stuck on a Marketing question and need an explanation.

Prepare a 250 to 400-word response that addresses the following:

Find a recent academic article on the impact of e-Commerce on consumer buying behavior. In 2-3 paragraphs, cite the article, summarize its key points and describe factors affecting consumers’ online buying behavior Identify similarities or differences on each stage of the consumers’ buying process between traditional and online shopping.

Compare/contrast your findings with other posts on this discussion (at least one other post) and thoroughly address any comments to your own posts.

Your main post should be 250-400 words, with citations and references in APA format.

Prepare at least two substantive comments with a minimum response of 30 words.

Respond to at least two classmate’s post

Note: i will send you the two post for response

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