PPT History

The purpose of this PowerPoint presentation is to discuss the following course outcomes you have learned about so far in our course. Please make sure you address the following points in your PowerPoint presentation:


 Examine the innovations and technological advances directly related to the U.S. military.

 Evaluate the strengths of the U.S. military during major military encounters.


Your PowerPoint presentation must include the following requirements:

 Include a minimum of 6 slides, not including title or reference slides.

 Include a maximum of six pictures total—the focus needs to be on content.

 Include at least one selection from a CSU Online Library database, such as the America: History and Life with Full Text database, which is used for research of events and views of the time. Include citations throughout the presentation, and include a reference slide at the end, identifying any sources used per APA format


your presentation deals with the period of time from 1607 to 1848. Make sure that you read the text for Unit III which covers this period. Again, use the syllabus as your guide and you must concentrate on this period of time not the Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI or military events in the 20th century

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