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Explore an area related to Project Contract Management & Legal Aspects, so as to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for this material.Required: Select an appropriate topic from international refereed journal (Scopus or ISI, Elsevier). Read it carefully and understand it very well Prepare 2pages’ summary of the paper in your own words other than the cover sheet Prepare a 5-minutes presentation on your topic in the class. Answer critical questions related to your topic. Word format will be time roman size 12 with 1.5 spacing. This assignment aims to improve your research, presentation and report writing skills as well as searching, capturing, learning and sharing knowledge in your knowledge area. Choose one topic for the following: 1)Sources Of Law (UAE; Common Law System): varied and dynamic 2) Legal Systems (UAE vs. Common Law 3) The Agency Relationships 4) Contracts: from formation to breach 1 5) Contracts: from formation to breach 2 and Remedies 6) Project Types, Pricing, Risksand Delivery Methods 7) Rules of Contract Interpretation 8) Time: An important Dimension 9) Contract Management and Contract Changes 10) Owner-Contractor Disputes: Damages and Settlement 11) Claims, Arbitration and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution I 12) Claims, Arbitration and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution II 13) Civil law jurisdiction of the UAE and the centers of arbitrations in UAE

Note: Please choose only one topic for the list above, search for at least 3 articles and send it to me and I will choose one of them, don’t start writing the research paper until I approve the article. Thank you

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