Power Point Presentation

I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Based off the Research paper topic and writing.

This PPT. Presentation is the recapitulation of the research paper assignment. The presentation should be designed, as if for a 15 minutes oral presentation. This is equal to 15 – 20 ppt. slides. You have to use at least 5 current references of peer review journals, textbooks, or acceptable scientific online weblink, such as Medscape, Pubmed, and Mayo Clinic (Wikipedia is not acceptable). Please cite your references using APA Style Format.

You are required to provide notes or insert audio on each slide of your presentation. Do not overcrowd the slides with long sentences, just summary of bulletted points and put the explanation on the note part of the slide. Use a minimum of 20 points size font on the main slide (common size use is between 24-32 points)

Grading of the presentation assignment will be based on the following criteria:

Introduction to the disease topic 10 points

Disease process (pathophysiology) 20

Clinical manifestations 20

Diagnosis and available treatment 10

Public Health Prevention and control measures 20

Disease burden (statistics) 10

References 10

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