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I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

This assignment is designed to have you consider and select the most appropriate research design for your research questions.

Using the provided worksheet, you will reexamine each of your three research questions and determine what the most appropriate research design is to best answer that question. For example, let’s say you. want to know “What is the effect of daily meditation on one’s perceived level of stress?” In order to best answer this question, what research design would be best? Would it be a survey? What about a single subject design? Would it be a focus group? Could you run a true experiment? What research design would give you the answers you are looking for?

It is important to note that you could possibly use several different research designs to answer a single research question. Using the question above, you could use a focus group and gather a group of individual who meditate daily to ask them questions about how daily meditation has affected their stress levels, or you could design an experiment where you compare the stress levels of a treatment group of individual who include meditation in their daily routines against those of a control group who does not do any meditation. Both approaches can answer your question, but one will likely be better suited for the types of information you want to find out. Therefore, be sure to provide the rationale for why you chose one approach over another.

Be sure to use the text as well as the supplemental materials provided in the module to better understand your design options and their respective pros and cons. In the spaces provided, you’ll select the best design for each of your three research questions and provide your rationale for why you selected each. It is likely that each question will require a unique design, so it is important to be familiar with all of your options. Once you complete your worksheet, you’ll submit it via Canvas by the due date. You can submit it as a typed Word document or a handwritten and scanned PDF. Either works for me.

I will attach the worksheet to this. I will send some pictures from the book as well