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topic: tech writing1.The personal values I think will be especially important in my career are respect and caring. In my career, which involves computer systems, respect and caring will help me perform its duties and advance in it. It will help me form and maintain relationships with people I work for and have as clients. Respect and caring will also help me with being patient with others and being able to learn from others. These values will also help me if I have to teach others about computer systems. 2.Adaptability: This will assist in my ability to adjust to my environment which is essential for a IT based career. For instance coming from one job to another or one company to another they may run things differently, specifically Company A may have a different network infrastructure than Company B. Those differences require personal and intellectual adjustment thus this ability to adapt allows one to engage more quickly in support of the systems established. Competence: I would like to add the ability to comprehend to the definition of this value and with regards to the IT field it is required so that a technician can offer better insight for when problems arise within a infrastructure. In simpler terms it is vital to know what you are dealing with as quickly as possible to create an efficient solution.Organization: If this can be considered a value which I believe it should then this is prime in and has relevance in technical writing. I’ve personally dealt with a multitude of un-organized systems and  technical documents and spent countless hours correcting and organizing them for optimal use. I’ve written instructions and “how-to’s” for a couple companies and always emphasized having a knowledge base where one could go and seek the information they need to complete a task. Organization is key, amongst the many, when it comes to the knowledge bases I’ve developed.Innovation: Although it is often interpreted as imagination or creativity it is a separate value with relevance to the other two. By definition they share traits but I like the way Tanner Christenen at stated it, “Imagination is about seeing the impossible, or unreal. Creativity is using imagination to unleash the potential of existing ideas in order to create new and valuable ones. Innovation is taking existing, reliable systems and ideas and improving them” (Christensen, T. (2015, May 18). THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, AND INNOVATION. Creativesomething.Net. Retrieved November 3, 2021, from This is a great way to visualize the meaning of innovation and with tha being said the importance it has on a career would be the ability a stated to take the existing and improve it this dials back into the 3 other values I’ve listed here and incorparates those to develop improvements. I would like to think that most employers value staff that can think outside of the box enough to develop more efficient support. 3.he personal values to my on-the-job communication that will be especially important in my career are a positive attitude, dependability, and trustworthiness. Having a positive attitude is one of my values because it is crucial to keep an open mind and focus on the good in life versus the bad. When you have a bad attitude, others can sense that negativity, and it can affect their behavior. Another significant value of mine that I incorporate into my career is dependability. Others depend on you as a coworker, an employee, and a friend. Having dependability means others can rely on you for certain things, and it creates the trust that I also personally value. Having trust in someone lets you know that they will do what they say they will do. These personal values work together to make me a better person and a better employee for my company.topic: brain tick1.I was actually surprised when I started reading about the brain and the different ways in witch it functions. A few things that I learned about the brain is that we can not multitask. While it may seam that we are doing two things at one time we are not. Our brains do not allow us to perform more than one task at a time. Headaches are a caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is a myth that humans only use 10% of their brain, in fact we use more than that when we are asleep. A humans brain is in constant use it never receives a brake. I believe that it is important to learn about the brain when studying psychology, how can we help the different disorders if we do not what what could be causing then in the first place. If I were to pick nervous system disorder to study I would pick Alzheimer diseases, this is the most common form of dementia. Alzheimer is the leading cause of death in elderly. Women are at a higher risk of getting this disease than men.2.What are three facts you learned about the brain that you didnt know before?  The three facts that i have learn about that I did not know about one is the Dendrites I did not know that it was part of the neuron that it recevies messages from other neuron. The other on that i did not know much about is Terminal buttons it also send message to other neuron. The last one that i did not know about is Action Potential did not know that a electric nerve impulse travels through a neuron’s axon. Why do you personally think that learning more about the brain is helpful in studying psychology? because the brain is the most complex part of the brain. Its responsible for our intelligence our body movement and control our behaviors and it also helps us see and remember and create language.

 If you could choose any nervous system disorder to study which disorder would you choose and why? It would be the headaches because i have always want to know what makes your head hurts so bad and what can you do to help the pain and i would like to know what size affect for it.3.The brain, I have discovered, is a very complex machine that has many different parts. I have never really took to studying the brain but I was very interested to learn about exactly how fast neurons travel through oour bodies. Neurons that are positive tend to travel at an excess of 100 million a second. This fascinates me because I cannot imagine what that would look like. Another thing that I found interesting in this weeks’ lesson was how scientists are discovering that mirror neurons may actually be what allows us to understand other people’s intentions and copy their behaviors just by watching them. The third thing that I enjoyed was learning about the two nervous systems and how they each work as a team and seperately to make our bodies function. I think that learning about all of the workings of the brain is very important to learning about psychology because the brain is what controls all of our thoughts, emotions and actions. How our brains work determines how we in fact work. If I could further research a nervous system disorder it would have to be Bell’s Palsy. Bell’s Palsy is actually one of those disorders that scientists and doctors cannot find out what causes it. Its also a very temporary disorder, usually only lasting up to six weeks. 

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