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RE: Unit 2: Discussion Questions

When thinking of the Reference Section that begins this weekend, two essential key points this writer will utilize will be to ensure all references included in the research paper are listed in the reference and following APA style. Another essential key point for this writer is to ensure not to include references for uncited materials within the paper in the reference list (Pan, 2017). When working on her literature review in Capstone Project I, this writer found herself with the same author in her references of different articles. This writer realized that one article had not been included of her final draft of the literature review but had still stayed in the reference list. This not only confused herself but would also be confusing to the audience whom may search for such evidence.

When thinking of the Abstract Section that this writer will begin, there are several key points in which will be essential to include. For a majority of readers, the paper does not exist beyond its abstract and for those who read beyond the abstract, the abstract sets the tone for the rest of the paper (Andrade, 2011). The small details that will be included in the abstract should be essential to the topic of the paper while also ensuring the topic is discussed in truthful form and not said in a manner to only get the audiences attention. For example, this writer would not state that eating disorders are triggered by family members and peers and harm the individual suffering in their recovery. While these factors have a large role in this writer’s project, this would be false in stating these were the findings and will be fully discussed and reviewed throughout the paper. This writer also finds an essential key point to include in her abstract is to indicate the scope of review to present the purpose of the action research for readers to fully understand what the project is about.

The reference list gives the readers the opportunity to do their own research, which encourages the purpose of action research: to continue the efforts of change of the issues. The abstract, for this writer, will be intended to bring the audience to also want to continue their research. These two sections may seem as though they are simple areas of the paper, are in fact of high importance.


Andrade, C. (2011). How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 53(2), 172–175.

Pan, L. (2017). Preparing literature reviews. (5th ed). Routledge

Shirley R

RE: Unit 2: Discussion Questions

This writer finds the reference section of the action research project to be fairly easy, however, a very critical part of the project. This writer has ensured that throughout this experience she completes her reference section immediately to ensure that she does not forget any citations throughout her project and in her reference section. An important guideline to the reference section is to ensure it is written in the most recent APA format. Pan (2017) list several guidelines for preparing a reference list that are helpful. This writer found that the three most important guidelines listed by Pan (2017) are to place the reference section at the end of the project under the reference header, list alphabetically by surname of the author, and to review and ensure the reference list matches the body of the project.

An abstract is also important when completing an action research project. Pan (2017) states that the abstract should be brief and ranges between 150-250 words. The abstract should also discuss the general topic and subtopics of the review (Pan, 2017). This writer has found the abstract to be helpful when completing this course assignments. This writer typically goes back to the abstract section to ensure that all topics and subtopics of the abstract are included in the assignment.


Pan, L. (2017). Preparing literature review. (5th ed). Routledge

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