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I need help with a Philosophy question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Explain THOROUGHLY in about 300-500 words for each subpart

Do whichever seems like you could explain the answers for someone who does not understand and know anyhthing about philosophy.

Do two of the following three:

1. Explain the 4 arguments for materialism based upon:

a) simplicity.

b) the explanatory impotence of dualism.

c) the neurological dependence of mind.

d) evolutionary biology.

2. a) Explain the argument for dualism from religion.

b) Discuss the weaknesses of this argument.

c) Explain the argument for dualism from parapsychological phenomena.

d) Discuss the weaknesses of this argument.

3. a) Explain what, in our author Nagel’s view, are the 3 problems to solve (i.e., the 3 questions to answer) with regard to death as a harm, if death is nonexistence.

b) Nagel thinks there are typical examples of not-unpleasant harms, like cheating. Explain his argument that cheating is an example of a not-unpleasant harm.

c) Explain how Nagel uses deprivation and the analogy of the adult infant to explain death as a harm and how he thinks he can solve each of the 3 problems to solve.