POS2041 argumentative essay 3

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Two topics to choose from:

A) Choose a current Third Political Party of your choice (a current one that exists today). Write about:how they were founded, by whom, and what is their platform. Then, by using the notes of why Third Parties remain minor, you must write why the Third Party you choose is not particularly successful. Write about their recent success, or lack thereof, in the election process.

B) Choose a President of your choice and, citing each power of the Presidency, describe why he is your favorite. You will need to provide an example of each power of the Presidency as part of your thesis.

Paper has to be 3 – 4 pages long

B)It has to be double space and one inch margins on all sides

C)It has to be typed in Times New Roman Font (12)

D) Written in MLA format with end notes

E)Needs to have at least 4 citations from 4 different reputable sourceswithin your paper.No Wikipedia is allowed.

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