Population Health Discussion

Behavioral Change and Patient Engagement

Health behaviors are activities and preferences that consumers engage in that either create a risk to health status or promote well-being. Smoking, for example, is a behavior that creates health risk, while exercise promotes health. A key to population health management (PHM) is engaging consumers in eliminating harmful behaviors and adding healthy behaviors.

Assignment: Social Determinants
Population health leaders know that health care delivery is incomplete without addressing the social determinants of health. But effective patient management cannot be limited to asking care teams without addressing patients’ social needs on top of their complex clinical needs.

Instead, providers should also partner with community-based organizations already providing quality non-clinical support for a range of needs, from healthy food access to stable housing, to scale patient management beyond traditional care settings. More specifically, non-clinical social determinants can be categorized under housing need, food insecurity, economic position, interpersonal communication, and education level.

For this assignment:

Click on the links listed under each organization and review the population health initiative as they pertain to addressing social determinants. After conducting your research, address the prompts listed above the initiatives for all 10 population health initiatives. At the conclusion of this assignment you will have twenty answers in total. Answer the first prompt with one word. The second will require further explanation (e.g., two to five sentences).

  1. For each population health initiative, choose which social determinant is being addressed (i.e., housing, food, economics, interpersonal, or education). You only need to choose one of these categories.
  2. In your own words, state who each organization partnered with and what ‘need’ they sought to meet with their population health initiative. If available, highlight some descriptive statistics on the outcome of each population health intuitive.

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