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Child abuse is unfortunately a common occurrence in the United States with over 2 million reports investigated annually (Falkner, 2018). It can occur at any age, but the school-age child (5-12 years) will be discussed today. Types of abuse for children of this age could be physical, emotional, or sexual and could occur at home or at school. Some common types of abuse for this age group could be sexual abuse for girls, since they are starting to mature and develop physically. For boys it could be physical abuse, since they are being influenced by peers and might participate in wrong activities to impress their peers (Falkner, 2018). The parent might become frustrated and get too aggressive in their physical discipline of the child. If a child is suffering from abuse, some observations the nurse would find with this age group could be a low self-esteem, a sudden change in behavior or school performance, withdrawn behavior, difficulty concentrating, or unexplained bruises (, 2013).

According to Schick et al. (2016), cultural variations have been found in child abuse cases and are partly related to socioeconomic and environmental risk factors. They found that those of an immigrant background had a higher incidence of physical and emotional abuse, but not of neglect or sexual abuse.

In Missouri, nurses are considered mandatory reporters and must notify Child Protective Services of any suspected cases of abuse.

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