Please read the instruction carefully—-at least 500 words

For this assignment, you will “experiment” on family/friends over Thanksgiving to see if you can find evidence for mindless eating of some form—changes in the eating environment that can affect what and how much people eat, without them noticing.  To prepare, read Wansink and Chandon’s paper overviewing their and others’ research on mindless eating:


wansink chandon.slim by design reducing drivers of mindless overeating.JCP.2014.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window


You can also read through Wansink’s book, Mindless Eating, for ideas (it’s a fun read, and should be at most libraries, or quick to buy online).


Then, pick one of the drivers of mindless eating that they talk about and look up one of the original papers that they cite (i.e. online in Google Scholar or via IU’s online journals as you did for your previous analysis of a scientific paper), so you can read about what they did in a bit more detail.


Next, design your own “study” to replicate what the previous research did, and then try it out on your family/friends at some meal or snack time over the break (e.g., using smaller plates at Thanksgiving, or moving the snack bowls further away during weekend football watching).  Record your results. Afterwards, “debrief” your participants—tell them what you did, and discuss the results with them, and see what they think in response.


Finally, write up your experiment, in at least a page (~500 words; up to 50 points total for the assignment).  Indicate the question you had, and what your hypothesis was (5 points).  Cite the previous research paper that you followed (5 pts).  Describe your methods, and your results (10 + 10 pts).  Then think about and write down what your results mean—did you find the same effect as the previous researchers?  Why/why not? (5 pts)  How did your experimental design differ from theirs?  How might that have affected the results? (5 pts)  What did your participants think about the study themselves? (5 pts)  What might you do differently if you were to run this study in a more controlled/serious way? (5 pts)


Upload this all by Tuesday, 11/29, 11 pm after break.  Have fun with it, and have a delicious break!

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