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Read Donaldson-Werhane pages 54 through 78, including the Italian bank case and the articles on Kant and Aristotle. The bank case sets up a very real ethical conundrum arising out of globalized business systems. It also highlights what we will discuss as “cultural relativism” in later chapters. Identify for yourself the ethical issue the banker faces in one sentence contrasting at least two ethical values that are in conflict. Then respond to the discussion:

Personal Moral Values v. Management Decision for the Company

Question: Is the banker’s personal commitment to always telling the truth morally relevant in this business context? Why? Why not? Explain.

Textbook: Ethical Issues in Business: A Philosophical Approach, Donaldson,Werhane, and Cording, Pearson Publishing,Inc.,eighth ed.,(2008) ISBN 0-13-184619-1

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