Planograms and Schematics paper

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Planograms are an important merchandising tool, particularly for businesses with multiple locations. They are developed by the organization or its merchandisers to efficiently allocate selling and advertising space in order to drive customer traffic and sales. A planogram is a diagram that provides precise information regarding elements such as product placement, traffic flow, location by floor position, and placement of product-specific signage.Google “sample merchandising schematic” to review a variety of merchandising planogram images. Also Google sample “signage placement planograms” to review a variety of planograms that include placement of merchandising signage.


  1. Use the content above and external research to gather information on planograms and their use. Analyze the results of your research to answer the following questions:
    1. Describe how the use of planograms or schematics influences the allocation of advertising space and purchasing forecasts.
    2. Explain the ways in which planograms are used to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.
    3. Distinguish between an effective planogram design and a design that is ineffective. You will need to specify the objective of the design (e.g. – encourage customers to purchase higher-margin and/or promotional items; facilitate cross-category purchases; etc.) before explaining why one design may be more effective than another.
    4. What inferences can be made if a business is not compliant when implementing a planogram? In other words, if a location (store) does not follow the detailed directions on the corporate planogram or schematic when allocating space for advertising specific products, what might be some of the expected results?
  2. Compose your answers with a minimum of two paragraphs per question (minimum of 8 paragraphs total). At least one outside research source is required for this assignment. In addition, one internal source (within your organization) is required for this assignment. This source could be a manager or other staff member who has access to the resources to help you answer the questions. Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

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