physical science 7

I want help with my Physical Science online exam, it is a one-hour online exam and it has a 31 questions, most of them are multiple choice, and some calculation question. It is a pass or fail exam because of the other bad grades.

HERE is the content you might find in the exam;


The Flow of Energy and the Direction of Time

Water, Air, and Temperature

Solid Water, Liquid Water, and Gaseous Water

Pressure in a Fluid and Momentum States of Atoms and Molecules

Temperature in a Substance and Kinetic Energy States of Atoms and Molecules

E Pluribus Unum and the Ideal Gas

Liquid Water and the Definition of the Calorie

How Do you Heat Up Carbon Dioxide and Other Substances?



What is an Oscillation?

What Kind of Force Produces Oscillation?

Does the Potential Energy of a Spring have a Position-related Formula?

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