Philosophy – Reflective Essay

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Each student will write a final 2,000 word essay on the topic: “Is truth relative?” The student must reflect on their learning over the course of the semester and how they would respond to the statement “what is true for you but what is true for me is true for me.” Is this a valid ethical imperative? Why? Why not? Note: any citations from course texts must be properly provided.

What is the heart of this assignment? This assignment seeks to help the student reflect on a variety of the concepts we have discussed and engaged over the course of this semester. In particular, it will center on one of the main questions we asked in the earlier sections regarding the nature of truth. Some of the questions this revolves around:

Is truth relative?

Does truth change from culture to culture?

Is what is ethical, right, or wrong evolve over time or is it transfixed outside of time.

What is the relationship between culture and what is true?

In particular, this is to connect with one’s understanding of ethics. Do keep in mind: this paper is not a research paper. Rather, it is a “reflection essay” and should be written as such. While the student is invited to cite academic articles as they wish, they are not required to. If the student does quote academic sources, it will be expected that those citations will follow Bushnell’s citation requirements.

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