You now must find one example of cognitive dissonance, one example of rationalization, and one example each of two other defense mechanisms. You must take these examples from everyday life.
1. Please define you term (say, denial).
2. Give me your example.
3. Explain why your example illustrates the term you chose.
This homework assignment should be written in essay form, 12-point font or handwritten, 1” margins, and if you use more than one page, please staple your papers.
Your essays should be 300-500 words.
Cognitive dissonance (Ego, self-image.)

Making an excuse –rationalization 

Aspirational purchasing/shopping 

Defense  mechanisms -pathological 

                                   – delusional projection 

                                    – conversion 

                                     – denial 

                                     – distortion 

                                     – spitting 

                                     – immature 

                                      – Acting out 

                                      – fantasy 

                                       -wishful thinking 


                                         -passive aggression and I 

                                           – projection 

                                           – somatization    

                                            – displacement 

                                           – neurotic 



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