Project description
Assignment question: What issues do you need to consider when designing a tablet formulation of a new non-sedating antihistamine that has a half-life of 16 hours and

the adult dose will be 2 mg per day?
There is also a need for a liquid formulation for children between the ages of 2 and 12. What factors need to be taken into consideration?

heading suggestion:
1) Introduction.
2) Tablet formulation:
a) patient compliance.
b) pharmaceutics (relationship between a drug, route of administration , how it enters the systemic circulation)
c) pharmacokinetics and physiochemical properties
d) excipients ( what are they? list and function of each?) table
e) stability (stability issues? and solutions?) table
f) dissolution
g) dosing profile

2) liquid formulations
a) solutions

3) conclusion

(aulton’s pharmaceutics) **** excipients
(principles and practise of pharmaceutical medicine by Andrew J Fletcher, Lionel D Edwards, Anthony W Fo andPeter Stonier)
other anti-histamine drugs from literature.


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