Persuasive message.

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Situation: This past spring, all SJSU classes moved online due to the pandemic. Both instructors and students had to adapt very quickly. This online mode of instruction will continue in fall to ensure everyone’s safety. Scan through this Student Success Survey (Links to an external site.) conducted between May 5 – June 25 to see how SJSU students felt about the shift to online learning.

Audience: The Jack Holland Student Success Center (Links to an external site.) is soliciting ideas and suggestions from students for the College of Business (CoB). You will compose a message (email) addressed to

Purpose: Compose a 2-to-3paragraph message introducing yourself and sharing 1-2 suggestions for the CoB on how to better serve and support business students this fall. Use your experiences and perspective as a student during the pandemic to express your ideas. You are writing to the staff (Links to an external site.) of the student success center, and not to the entire university. Suggest ideas to support student success within the scope (and power) of the center only.

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