– Personal Statement

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Personal Statement for cyber security master course (Imperial College London) -A year3 student studying ′Computer Science′ bachelor degree in UK (Surrey) -Studied ICT in IGCSE -Always want to expand knowledge about computers and the importance of security -Interest towards how computer works and programming started at a young age, watching movies about I.T experts/hackers perform cool tricks and realise the importance of security of privacy -Think security is an important aspect of everything we do or use in a daily life basis (accommodation/keys, bank, products that we use) -With more work relied on computers to reduce work load for humans, more data and information will be stored in the network of databases -Large amount of data needs to be handled, information might be sensitive and had to kept confidential which leads to cyber security on how to have protection against privacy -Future job is to find a job related to cyber security or a security analysts, so when I am programming a network, a software project or anything on the computer, I will always understand the security behind it

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