personal risk management assessment

This paper is an opportunity to consider your own risk management preferences, strengths and weaknesses.In 4-5 pages answer the questions below.As you do, cite multiple readings from each of our texts.Provide concrete examples from your own work experiences.Use class concepts and add your original analysis of your “working self”.

1.What kind of environment do you prefer to work in?Consider the degree and kinds of risk that you are comfortable (and uncomfortable) with.How will this affect your career path?

2. What is your personal risk philosophy?Consider the degree to which you view risk management as a personal, organizational, or societal responsibility.Give examples and explain.

3. Of the nine risky communication situations covered in the text, which is most challenging to you? What aspects of your communication need to improve, so you can manage this kind of situation? Which situation are you most skilled at managing?Make sure you provide examples!

4.Consider the four communicative aspects of risk negotiation (attending, sense-making, transforming, maintaining).Describe how an organization you know about could improve each of these practices.You can refer to your current or past workplace, a volunteer organization you belong to, or even ASU. Note: This question refers to organizational, not individual, communication practices.

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