Personal Reaction

Body of the Text (new page)

Research Question or Problem

Ask yourself, “Is the question or problem clearly stated?” State the question or problem in your own words.


The introduction of a research article presents an overview of the problem studied in the research. Ask yourself, “Is there a review of the literature related to the problem or question?” “How many references are cited?” Review and summarize the research (e.g., theories and previous research) presented in your own words.


The method section of a research article is made detailed enough to permit another researcher to attempt to replicate the study. Ask yourself, “Does the researcher explain the methods used in the study?” “Who or what is the population studied?” “How were they selected?” “What did the participants do for the study?” “What instruments were used to gather data?” Paraphrase the methodology in your own words and cite from the article using APA format.


The results section of a research article reports the raw data and statistical analysis obtained in the study. Ask yourself, “Are the results clearly stated and understandable?” “Did the results answer the question or clarify the hypothesis?” “Are there tables or graphs?” Paraphrase the results in your own words and cite from the article using APA format.


The discussion section of a research article includes the conclusions drawn by the author(s). Ask yourself, “Are the results discussed?” “Are there suggestions for practical implications?” “Are there recommendations for further research?” Write your answers to these questions in your own words and cite from the article using APA format.

List of References

The reference section of a research article lists the bibliographic references for any studies cited. Ask yourself, “Were the references selected related to the author’s research?” “Were the references cited within the body of the text?” “Were the references from the same source or were there a variety of sources?” “Were the references current or out-dated?”

Personal Reaction

The personal reaction section is included here to enable you to analyse critically the knowledge you gained about the topic researched, about methodology, about APA style, and about the meaningfulness of the research. Ask yourself, “Was it well written and organized?” “What did I learn from reading the study?” “What further questions did it generate?” State your reactions in your own words.

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