personal life paper

Personal Life Paper: A personal philosophy of life paper. The assignment includes these components 1) A short bio. I’m interested in a story or two and a narrative that explains who you are given the past events in your life.

2) What ideals do you hold to? What commitments have you made that tells us the kind of person you are. Where did you get them from, your religion, family, experiences in your life, authors that have shaped who you are?

3) How do you envision your life unfolding, whether in career or life events whereby you can exercise your ideals and commitments? What kind of person do you envision being in the future?

my information:

My name is Hossein, 21 years old and my religion is Muslim (Islam) and i have lived in Dubai for 5 years . I don’t care about any other stuff up there, you can make any story about my personality or whatever, i just gave you the important info that you might need.

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