PE assignment.

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  1. Distinguish an objective for this class. (PE class)
  2. Then write your goals that will assist you in attaining that objective.
  3. Take your resting heart in the morning when you arise. You can get you pulse at your neck or your wrist.

Count the number of beats for 15 seconds, then multiply the number by 4. For example, if you counted 17 beats in 15 seconds and then multiplied 17 times 4, you would have 68 beats per minute as your resting heart rate.

  1. Calculate your Target Heart Rate Zone: Your Age minus 220 = #; then multiply your number by 60% and by 85%;

For example, if you are 40 years old: 220 – 40 (your age) = 180 beats per minute for max heart rate.

180 x .60 (60%) = 108 and 180 x .85 (85%) = 153; Target Heart Rate Zone will be 108 – 153 beats per minute.

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