PCC Fundraising for Salary In

Fundraising for Salary Increases

As as director, you would like to give your employees a 5% raise, and will plan 3 fundraising events to provide the needed money to support this. Follow the directions below to determine how much money you need to raise and then describe in detail three fundraising activities to be combined to raise the total amount of money.

Directions for Determining Needed Amount of Funds:

You have 10 staff members. Three teachers make $10 /hour, 4 teachers make $9/hour and hour and 3 teachers make $8.50 /hour. All teachers work 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year. Figure out how much money you would need to make to provide your staff with a well deserved 5% raise. Typically, full time employees work 2080 hours per year. Use the formula:

3 x 10 x 2080 = ____________

4 x 9 x 2080 = ____________

3 x 8.50 x 2080= +____________

_____________ (yearly salaries) x .05 (5%)_______ ($needed)

Directions for Describing 3 Fundraising Activities:

Describe 3 separate activities or strategies that you could use to raise the funds needed to provide staff with this salary increase. Strategies could include the areas of budgeting, fundraising sales, and/or community involvement. Utilize the various resources posted. The three strategies should include:

· Your activity—name it, describe it.

· The amount of money projected for each activity to make: Tell me how much you will need to spend in order to make money. If you plan a dinner, how much will you spend on food, paper products, etc., how much you will charge per plate, what will be the total amount made. If you plan a raffle, how much will you spend on prizes, how many tickets you will sell at what price, and how much you will make.

· Specifics: In the example of the dinner—who will prepare food, how will the event be marketed, who will serve the food, where will the event be, set up/clean up, parking.If you are writing a grant, be specific about the grant you will apply for (the name) and why you think you would get this money. If you are soliciting donations, be realistic in whom you solicit monies from and why they would want to donate to your center. Creativity and novel ideas are a plus for this assignment. Additionally, if you will need staff to help with the fundraiser, be specific how this will happen—will you ask staff to volunteer to assist with the dinner, etc. Remember you need 3 different activities, and the total of the projected funds raised should equal to the amount of money needed for the 5% raise (hint, hint—figure out how much money you need first)

· The math: show me how much money you make from each activity or strategy, and how it adds up to at least the total amount needed.



Activity 1

Details on money spent and money made 5 points

Specifics of how it will be carried out 5 points

Activity 2

Details on money spent and money made 5 points

Specifics of how it will be carried out 5 points

Activity 3

Details on money spent and money made 5 points

Specifics of how it will be carried out 5 points

Activities Realistic 7 points

Creativity 6 points

Presentation (spelling, grammar, punctuation, organization) 7 points

50 total points

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