Pay It Forward

Perform an anonymous act of kindness. Examples include helping someone carry groceries, paying for a stranger’s coffee, donating time or money to a cause you believe in, and so forth.

Write a 700- to 1050 word summary and Create AND ORALLY PRSENT a 5- to 7- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of your experience.

Address the following:

  • Oral/In-Class Presentation (2 points)
  • Compare the respective roles of altruism, personal and professional social responsibility, and codependency. (2 points)
  • How does altruism apply to psychology or psychological principles? (1 points)
  • How does altruism improve the human condition? Are there limits to altruism? (2 points)
  • What are some personal and professional responsibilities related to altruism? (1 point)
  • What is the future of psychology, specifically in relation to altruism, in contemporary society? (1 point)
  • References (1 point)

Include at least two sources (SOURCES MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE Required Readings for this week and/or from the UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX’S LIBRARY – if you have trouble using the library’s database or with locating sources, please contact the librarian). Also, there are peer reviewed/scholarly articles available for course assignment support in this classroom, they can be used as sources for this assignment as long as they are properly cited and referenced to in your coursework.  

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines (please check your sentence structure, grammar, and spelling since there is a two point loss for errors beyond the count of three).

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