Lab 1 Assignment

Your assignment for this lab is to provide two packets from the packet capture.


·         Provide the packet that provides the DNS query for

o   Hint: Type in DNS in the Filter box at the top of the screen and then click Apply. This will bring up only DNS packets. If you stopped the packet capture immediately after going to, the packet will be near the bottom of the list.


For the lab report, provide the text of the packet or provide a screenshot of the packet as shown in Wireshark.


Lab 1 Questions

  1. Lab Question 1

When navigating through the packet capture, why were there so many other TCP/UDP connections beyond the request for


  1. Lab Question 2

From the packet capture, why are there packets from other areas of ( )?


  1. Lab Question 3


What are some of the reasons why a network administrator would use a packet capture program like Wireshark?


note:format and any additional infor will be sent through email. to format references into the APA style if necessary. Extremely important. Intext citations is very essential and highly needed as well.

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