Part A: Discussion, Part B: Reply to two peer’s post

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Part A::: To succeed in the field of management information systems, you need to be an excellent problem solver. In your initial post in the discussion topic, address the following:

  • Explain how you are a problem solver, either in your personal or professional life.
  • Share your educational goals and any personal details you would like fellow classmates to know about yourself.
  • Discuss your thoughts on how management information systems impact your life personally or professionally. Make sure you use the terminology from the required reading in this module to underscore the connections to the course. Feel free to comment on any of the aspects the characters discussed.

Part B::: In your responses to at least two of your peers, discuss different perceptions on how management information systems impact our lives. Do you agree or disagree with your peers’ post? Explain.

Peer 1 Post: My name is Brandon and I am from the shoreline in Connecticut. I am currently am about 2/3 done in completing my Bachelor of Business Administration w/concentration in MIS here at SNHU. I am hoping this degree will help me advance my career and increase my productivity daily. I currently work at a midsize manufacturing facility and oversee the IT department and a group of programmers. Working in IT and Programming both require methodical thinking and good troubleshooting skills. I have always loved to be challenged, both areas provide a great variety of work and constant challenges. Managing these two department requires an extra layer problem solving skill. I tend to be the one who must figure anything out that my employees can’t. I would consider myself a very good problem solver. I relate this back to being self-employed for many years and not having anyone to turn to for help. A large part of my job is developing proprietary software, data collection and analysis. I am responsible for providing information to manufacturing, inventory control and company metrics to management. Also being involved in IT my job spans much of the scope of MIS. With no format training on MIS I feel this class will benefit me greatly.

Peer 2 Post: Hello! My name is Marissa Hughes. I am from Ohio, married and have 2 wonderful kids and a bonus daughter. I have been off work due to COVID but will be starting a new job tomorrow. At my previous job I was the only onsite IT analyst so I had to solve problems daily. While the issues had to be resolved as quickly as possible I also had to make the best decision and make smooth transitions when we were updating software or replacing hardware. I am currently working toward my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Information Systems. I enjoy being in IT but I also wanted to be able to broaden my horizon and have some business management knowledge as well. Management information systems is a part of my life both professional and personal. I use my mobile devices daily on a personal level and professional level. Before the company shut down that I worked for, we had E-Commerce, retail stores, warehouses, and of course our corporate office that we used management information systems. I will now be working for a company as a config tech so I will continue to be in the IT world and using management information systems daily.

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