Part 2. Independent Research P

Part 2. Independent Research Project (10′ oral
presentation required)

Compile these topics from
weeks 1-7 into your presentation:

  1. Time Management Logs: Assess your time
    management skills, examine your weak areas, and create a plan on
    how to overcome them.
  2. Learning Styles Assessment: Identify and explain your
    learning style and how you have applied it thus far in your
    classes. Also, describe your note taking style and how you plan to
    approach tests, moving forward.
  3. SQRRR: identify one step in the “SQRRRR” that you use
    to read to understand. Explain how comfortable you are in
    writing a thesis statement.
  4. Explain why you chose the major that you did and why. What
    were some of the steps you used to help you make the
  5. Describe life with technology for you, specifically what
    you can’t live without?
  6. Discuss any decision making that has had an effect on your
    life. Was it a good decision?
  7. How much is diversity and prejudice reduction a factor in
    your life?

8. How do you plan to manage your
9. How do you plan to manage stress, health and

Also, if you have a Resume format please attach it.

Thank you

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