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As part of its ongoing strategy of active partnerships in the private sector and in an effort to expand the collaboration of productive economic institutions, Al Nahdi Medical Company has recently signed the Consultation Services Contract for IMDAD Project Al-Hamdan Consultation Office (HCO). The contract was signed by Eng. Yasser Juhraji, Al Nahdi CEO and Mr. Simon Pines, General Manager of Al Hamdan Office with the presence of Mr. Lee Hayes, Commercial Manager, and a number of officials and heads of departments from Al Nahdi Medical Company.

The 24-month contract, in cooperation with German firm Ludiga, included a review of the design and supervision of the 250,000 square meter project in South Jeddah, which will be the first of its kind in the field of distribution and logistics for the pharmaceutical supply sector in the Middle East. Where the capacity and technology used will contribute to the Company’s growth and expansion plan for 2025.

Eng. Yassir Joharji expressed his happiness with this step, which will have a positive impact in the elevation of logistics services, which Al Nahdi considers as an important asset for success. “Al-Nahdi Medical Company continues to be proactive in activating the role of strategic partnerships and contributing to the development of the health sector for its importance in the life and growth of our communities. IMDAD will play an effective role in facilitating enhanced logistics services in line with the Nahdi Medical Company vision, which fulfills the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030”.

The Vice President of Supply Chain in NMC, Eng. Raed Mounagel said that the project will play a major role in providing services to our guests in more than 130 cities around the Kingdom and in accordance with the highest international standards in line with the 2020 vision of the company.

It is worth noting that Al Hamdan Company, in cooperation with the German company, Ludiga, is a well-established company in the field of warehouse construction which has designed and supervised projects for leading logistics companies in the Gulf and Europe.

About Nahdi Medical
Nahdi is a Saudi retail pharmacy chain that was founded by Sheikh Abdullah Amer Al Nahdi in 1986 as a sole proprietorship. In 2004, the company witnessed an important transitional phase whereby it became a limited liability company and from then on it was recognized as a vital part of the healthcare sector in the Kingdom. The journey of expansion continued with a clear vision, and has now placed Nahdi as the largest pharmacy retail chain in the Middle East and North Africa, where it represents many of the world’s major medical companies.

Today, Nahdi manages and operates a nation-wide network of pharmacies making it one of the most prevalent and fastest growing companies in the region, which offers the finest product /range, including cosmetics, baby care and medical equipment. In addition to the high-quality healthcare products and services it offers, Nahdi is keen to provide community service and health awareness and preventative campaigns. Nahdi follows the concept of acting as a “community pharmacy,” where it does not solely serve the community, but also educates it.

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