Paper on Wal -Mart

Hi, Can anyone help me with this paper on Wal-Mart? Please use your own words and do not copy straight from any websites. Also please keep APA guidelines for this paper. Can you please state where the introduction and the conclustions are by typng introduction and conclution thanks.


Write a 750 to 1,000 word paper describing an initial public offering for a global firm. 
Include the following:

  • The role of the investment banker and underwriter
  • The role of an originating house and a syndicate
  • An explanation of the pricing of the issue
  • A discussion of some of the risks involved in the public offering and how the securities laws deal with them
  • A discussion of any foreign exchange risks the company can face with your ideas about how to mitigate them

Support your work with at least one scholarly reference besides the textbooks.  

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelinesere are the instructions to follow down below.






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