Paper about nursing philosophy, 2 pages

Help me study for my Nursing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1, Please find a) My nursing phoilosophy instruction and example b) study material c) rubric in the attached file.

2, a) My nursing philosophy instruction is very important, it teach u how to write the paper step by step, please make sure you will not miss any of the key questions.

b) even in the instruction and example, it has two examples of nursing theory, I think the rubric only require one,

( Hint: the nursing theory that guide my practice is Madeleine Leininger -Transcultural nursing theory, nurses need to know According to transcultural nursing, the goal of nursing care is to provide care congruent with cultural values, beliefs, and practicesSunrise model consists of 4 levels that provide a base of knowledge for delivering cultural congruent care. )

3, The study material is for your reference, but won’t help that much.

4, APA style, at least one outside reference that is not from study material or textbook.

5, Again, please read the instruction and rubric very very careful before you start. Thank you.