PADM 700 LU Governance in Pub

Apply concepts related to governance in a specific, researched public administration case study. Whatever source is used for the actual case study must focus on a real-world public administration situation that is being discussed and analyzed in the chosen article.

The article can be qualitative or quantitative in nature, but it must specifically focus on the public administration context.

Remember to synthesize your research and findings with the required readings and presentations for this week and a Biblical/covenantal model of statesmanship, leadership and organizational behavior.

Here are my recommendations for this assignment:

Asks/Assignment: Seek out a peer-reviewed academic journal article that addresses a real-world public administration governance situation being discussed and analyzed in the chosen article. Introduce the topic to the professor and student colleagues in a robust discussion board post briefing the professor, and the class, on the governance challenges inherent within your selected case study topic. 


  • Definition: What is “governance”? Please share your definition of governance. 
  • Section 1: The context of your selected case study—what the rest of us need to know so we will understand the case study and your analysis. 
  • Section 2: Present and assess the governance challenge inherent in the article. 
  • Section 3: What could have been done differently to maximize results, i.e., what would you have done to improve the outcomes of the case study? 

Post Thread Details: 

  • 450-500 words 
  • Ideas and citations from all the required reading and presentations from the Module/Week (listed above)
  • Ideas and citations from two scholarly sources

Here is an article on case study research that may be helpful. (Links to an external site.)
Governance is a comprehensive term and function—so case studies can include policy development and implementation at the national, state, or local governments (city, county) levels. And can focus on any of the array of public services those governments provide.
See my earlier announcement with suggestions. Look for case studies that examine and discuss the policy formation, development, and implementation process. What was the problem faced by the organization? Who were the stakeholders? What strategy, process, or methodology was used to engage the issue? What was the result? How did the process of governance actually work? What was the impact on citizenry?

Thank you.

Read Fischer pp 66-69 (attached)

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