PAD4104 University of Central Florida Module 7 Legitimate Power Discussion

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Module 7 vocabulary wiki

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As the title suggests, this activity creates a basic vocabulary list of terms and/or concepts found in CHAPTER 8. Students are expected to FIND and then POST one term or phrase with a brief definition (1-2 paragraphs maximum). It is a graded assignment so every student should participate by adding a definition for at least one unique term. Moreover, as you read over the posts of your colleagues, please feel free to use the “like” feature to distinguish good definitions from others.

The idea is to create a vocabulary list that will help you prepare for the exam (and life). The great part about this exercise is that it is a WIKI (i.e. everyone helps to populate the list, so it doesn’t depend on a single person). Smart, eh?

If you derive the definition from the textbook, be sure to include the page number(s) as a courtesy to your colleagues. If you find information on a relevant topic from an outside source, please paste the URL in your post.

Notice I have set the availability dates for this activity to expire at the conclusion of the course, though the DUE DATE is set to one week prior to the appropriate exam (i.e. so students will be able to use this list as they study.)

Which I have chosen the word Legitimate power

Legitimate power as defined in our textbook is “power that arises from people values and beliefs that someone has the right to exert influence over them and that they have an obligation to comply”.

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