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There are hundreds of books published each year to help us become better leaders.  Select one of them, and read it.  Once you’ve read it, compare it to the content of this course.  Are there similarities?  Are there differences?  Do you think the book is helpful?  Would you recommend it to a friend?  Would you require your employees to read the book?  Will you use some of the material, ideas, suggestions in the book in your own life?  In short, what did you think of the book!!  The paper should be at least 3-4 pages in length and have a minimum of 8 sources.   You should follow APA guidelines for style and format.


Ethics can be defined as the moral principles that shape up the behavior of an individual. The actions taken by the individual depend upon his/her ethics. Ethics can also be called a special code of conduct that every individual makes up for themselves. It represents how they want to conduct activities in their day-to-day lives.
Ethics has a huge part to play in leadership. The ethics of a leader helps to determine the personal character and values of the leader in question. A leader with proper ethics can improve the reputation of a company or a group. Honesty, Trust, and Integrity may be the most important traits of an ethical leader. With the help of their traits, they are able to create a supportive and more work-productive environment for their co-workers. They have a positive influence on others. They provide accurate information regarding a certain case to build up trust. In doing so, the performance of the group will not be hampered by false information provided by anybody else. In this way, ethical leaders are able to successfully bring people on board to fulfill the vision a company or a group hopes to achieve.
The leader is the one with the most responsibility in a group. How a member act is dependent on the actions of the leader. The leader is also held accountable if something goes wrong as he/she is the one in charge of the whole operation. Ethical leaders are fair no matter which side or party they may represent. Even if they are from a non-favorite party, the ethical leaders can leave an impression of genuine righteousness. For the party, ethical leaders represent the epitome of what is correct and what needs to be done to achieve their goal. They admit their failure if something wrong happens and make changes so that it may not happen again. They know the limits of their power and make sure they treat all their co-workers equally. They also establish a good communication network between the employees so as to achieve a favorable environment for work.


Ethics and Morals are that concious that gives you that knowing of doing right or wrong. An individual knows when he is about to act in the right or wrong manner. It can become a tricky discussion because sometimes people feel pressured to do things that aren’t morally or ethically right just for a good outcome. The life we live in today has created this “dawg” mentality where you have to be a shark inorder to suceed. It can be difficult for those that are so aligned with their ethics and moralsnto see constant growth within their professional career at times. I always like to believe that good people are rewarded so I strive to align my life with good ethics. A good thing about personal freedom is your ability to decide your actions. Most people operate differently and some have similarities. That is part of what makes life so interesting everyday. The driving force between right or wrong is the motive in an individual. Motive is what usually leads someone to make a specific choice/action.


Ethics are super important and may be the most important they ever have been in 2021. Over the past few years we have had a lot of turmoil in peoples opinions on everything and it is very hard to get a long with people when we adress things that upset us versus things that are ethically and morally wrong. Ethics help us guide our days of going about our normal lives and helps us justify of what we did is right or wrong. I think it is important to judge the people who have power in this world on their ethics becasue if not for that. we have nothing to judge anyone on. What do you guys think? I am looking froward to see the responses

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