Pace University Aimee Concepcion vs Nasty Gal Case Analysis

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Case Analysis #2 Protocol: Fashion Law

BUSINESS LAW 3310 – 05

Professor James

Assignment: Draft a 2 to 3 page paper that answers the required questions pertaining to any legal case involving the e-commerce business, Nasty Gal. Please pick any legal case that can be found in the article, “Nasty Gal: A History of Legal Battles” below. Please research the case of your choice and use case law to strengthen your arguments.Make sure you cite your references accordingly. Spacing 1.5pt or 2pt. Font: Times New Roman. Spell check your work prior to submission.

Due Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2019 by 11pm via Blackboard.




In your Case Analysis please make sure that you answer the following questions:

1: Describe the pertinent background facts that are important to this case.

2: State the issues that are being argued by the parties to the litigation.

3: Note the principle of law and how the court ruled coupled with how it came to its final decision.

4: Analyze the facts and the law of the case.

5: Lastly, give some guidance and/or opinion of your thoughts of the case, parties, rulings, etc.

Please make sure you provide a legal analysis and not just quote your resources.


Research/Writing Format: Case Analysis

XYZ v. Nasty Gal

Background Facts:

Arguments Raised in Litigation:

Principle of Law:

Court’s Ruling:


Guidance/Opinion of Case:


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