P.3 Portfolio Project




The Portfolio Project:


Formal Written Proposal on Adding Online Leaning to a College Campus


For the Portfolio Project, you are creating a proposal written in formal style and using at least 4-5 research sources to support your proposal. You are expected to cite those sources both in the text of your proposal and on the references page at the end. A number of assignments for this course are projects that build this one, so as you work through this course you will collect source material and ideas that relate to this project. You will use the information you locate to make a persuasive argument regarding a campaign of your design to the hypothetical college board of directors that supports, explains, and defends your campaign idea with solid facts and logical argument based on source evidence. You will create a campaign idea based on source material and create a proposal paper that works to persuade the board of directors at your hypothetical school to adopt your new budget.


Campaign topic: Propose adding an online component to the university to a hypothetical college (you make up this information – college name, number of students, etc.). For this proposal, you will find sources that explain the following: how to start an online program, the costs associated with it, the benefits of setting up a new online program, statistics and facts to support your argument, and examples of other universities that started successful online programs to back your ideas.


The Principle Elements:


  • Cover/Title page
  • Table of Contents and List of Figures
  • Executive Summary (Never longer than one page)
  • Body (At least 5 pages)
  • References (at least two recent, reliable research sources from within the last five years must be cited) (APA Requirements) TOTAL REFERENCES: AT LEAST 4
  • Appendices (if any used)


The paper should be well-written, formatted according to APA Guidelines, and 10 pages total (including reference page, cover/title page, body paragraphs, executive summary, and table of contents). Include all bullet points above.


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