organized labor


1.    Why do words like “organized labor”, “unions”, and the “Labor Movement”, seemed like vestiges from a bygone era?
2.    What has caused the steady decline of unionization in the private sector since the post-World War II boom?
3.    UNITE HERE has declared that it would not organize the “old fashion way”.  What are the old fashion approaches to unionization and why are they no longer desirable?
4.    What is the “Change to Win” organizing strategy?
5.    What role has globalization played in the changing opportunities and threats faced by union organizations?
6.    Why would an employer ever agree to a neutrality agreement?
7.    If you were a hotel operator could you have avoided the summer of 2006 situation?  Do unions negatively affect service?
8.    What do you recommend the large hotel operators do?  Obviously companies do not want a strike, but can they live with a neutrality agreement?
9.    What will national neutrality agreements mean to the small operator? Hilton? Other large operators?
10.    Will the agreements affect the ability of hospitality companies to manage and “flag” new properties?
11.    How will owners react to a strike over an issue (i.e. neutrality for future properties) that may not affect the current owners?
12.    What are some of the methods organizational leaders can use to effectively manage relationships with unions?

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