Organizational Project

Organizational Project

Paper instructions:
Research Project

The objective of Organizational Project class (BBM 407) is for each student to complete an 6-8 page research project.

The research project should focus on gathering data necessary to solve a current organizational problem. Please consider focusing on an organizational problem that you have interest in. The paper should draw upon the concepts and theories covered throughout the Organizational Management program. The final project should be in APA format and be a minimum of 6-8 (preferably closer to 8) pages in length with at least 6 references. Your paper will utilize the following format:

Title page
Abstract page

Introduction (Why did you choose this organization? What is the action research problem? Why is it relevant?)

Methods (How will data be collected to answer the research question? Will quantitative or qualitative methods be used?)

Results (What were the results of your research?)

Conclusion (What is your final analysis based on the results of your research? What action will be taken?)

Reference (minimum of 6)

Appendix (Include a copy of any survey or interview questions used to collect data for your study.)

Try several different database search terms relating to the research problem or question in which you are interested. Peruse abstracts from articles that arise from the various searches.

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