Organization leadership.

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Question 1.

A.. Discuss the primary points of emphasis in Kouzes and Posner chapter’s 9 and 10.

B.. Discuss why it is important that leaders recognize the need to provide autonomy to direct reports. What impact does this have on a direct report and their performance?

C. How does why a leader’s recognition and valuing of the identity, uniqueness, and needs of a direct report is also a way of building diversity and inclusiveness within the organization?

Question 2.

Great leaders Who Make The Mix Work by Boris Groysberg; Katherine Connolly

Summarize the main points in the article and discuss how CEO’s make diversity and inclusion in their workplaces become a source of strength and competitive advantage.

Also, how does Morgan’s article and her approach to strengths align with Kouzes and Poser’s position in chapters 9 of fostering collaboration.

Question 3.

A. Discuss the primary points of emphasis in Kouzes and Posner in the Introduction, along with chapter’s 11 and 12.

B. Describe two stories where you were managed by (1) a leader/manager who had high levels of ethical standards and outstanding character and (2) a leader/manager who had low levels of ethical standards and outstanding character. How did both types of leaders impact your engagement and overall performance?

C. How does a leader encourage? What does encouragement look like when it is being modeled by a leader/manager?

Question 4.

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