Organization behavior final paper

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Due date:Aug.3 20:00pm

1000words and a power point

You and your team will act as a consulting company hired to analyze organizational needs and performance, and provide recommendations based on the frameworks and concept discussed in this course. You can choose to study an organization you are familiar with or an organization often discussed in business press such (e.g. Forbes, WSJ, The Economist, Fortune). Follow these steps to prepare your final paper: • Identify and analyze an organization with respect to one of the topics covered in this course. The following are an example: Motivation in the workplace; Creativity and innovation; Groups and teams; Leadership; Organizational power; Managing diversity; Employee Performance management; Communication across cultures, gender and race. • Describe the situation faced by the organization at a particular moment in time: what problem(s) was the organization dealing with? • Evaluate the organization’s performance in the areas you decided to focus on. • Recommend how the organization should act (what to change or to maintain moving forward).

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