Operation Condor History and Research Project

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Watch the Video on Operation Condor:


Watch this TedTalk by Alicia Partnoy: Link

Research Project Steps:

Now that you know a little more about the Dirty War, Operation Condor, Alicia Partnoy, it’s time to do some additional research about how artists and other political dissidents use art to respond to political oppression/repression.

Here are your next steps:

Step One:

Pick one of the following countries involved in Operation Condor (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, or Uruguay) or a country you are familiar with having a history of political turmoil and state sanctioned violence/acts of terror.

Step Two:

Research the history of this country, from the indigenous peoples that lived there to the present time, paying special attention to the political turmoil from the 1940-80s.

Research, specifically, this country’s coup (pronounced coo) or coups that were backed by the U.S. Googling Operation Condor or Coup and your country name will give you information right away.

Step Three:

Research artists, such as writers, poets, painters, sculptors, graffitists, and so on that created art in response to political oppression/suppression and or repression. Googling political art and your country name will give you information right away.

Step Four:

Create a presentation or visual report of some kind, record it (either video or audio over slides perhaps), and upload it to this assignment. The presentation/post should show your country’s artists response to political oppression/repression.

Here is an example of a power point presentation another student made: History of Brazil.pptx

Please note they needed to include more historical information in their powerpoint, but I would like you to focus on the art side of it only.

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