Only read and follow carefully all the requirements

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at least 2 pages double spaced

Each of the bolded terms below should be listed as a section header in your paper.

  • State your research question. Be sure to ask a question which can be answered through the analysis of responses to the class COVID Impact Survey.
  • Describe the research methods & measurement procedures that were employed to gather data which could be used to answer this question. Describe the specific survey questions that are relevant to answering your research questions
  • Describe specifically the sampling procedures that were used, and what the implications are for the generalization of findings.
  • Summarize responses to these relevant questions by producing appropriate tables. (Univariate Analysis). Include written, text interpretations of the values in your tables.
  • Analyze data by producing cross tabs/proportion tables which demonstrate relationships between variables. (Bivariate Analysis). Include written, text interpretations of the relationships between variables.
  • Describe the findings of your research, and ultimately what your analysis tells you about your research question.

May use variables 2 different variables or use what is uploaded and exp

Rubric Guide

  • Appropriate selection of a research question which can be answered using data collected by our survey. Research question stated appropriately in one of the below formats.
    • Testing for Association: What is the relationship between X & Y?
    • Testing for Differences: Does Y differ among groups with different X?
  • Reasonable attempt to address each of the distinct sections of the report as described above.
  • Appropriate use of research, sampling, and analysis terminology throughout paper, indicating comprehension of concepts.
  • Appropriate selection of variables, and creating of summary statistics for addressing stated research question. Appropriate interpretation.

its pretty much answering the questions

the variables sheet i uploaded can be used to answer the questions or you can choose 2 other variables and create the chart and explain each individual section

research question must be fomulated to covid and employment etc

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