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Political Tolerance & Civil Liberties


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Political tolerance refers to the respect, by citizens, for the political rights of others. Our democracy depends on our tolerance of the opinions and actions of others. In other words, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” attributed to Evelyn Beatrice Hall. Most Americans believe themselves to be fairly tolerant. The overwhelming majority agree with freedom of speech, religion, right to petition – at least in the abstract. But people are often willing to deny rights to people with whom they disagree.

Explain your answer to each of these questions. You shoud have a personal opinion, but should support your position with valid sources (see Instructions for DUE DATE, for how I grade discussions and plagiarism statement). Your answer should demonstrate that you have done the reading:

1) Should people be allowed to stage a protest at the funeral of a solider?

2) Should anti-abortion groups be allowed to use signs of aborted fetuses to taunt womengoing into clinics that perform abortions?

3) Does a university have the right to implement a code of conduct that says students have a right to express a personal belief, but only in a manner that does not “provoke, harass, demean, intimidate or harm” another?

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