online history course about era 1900s

Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

hi Cleovin,

to begin with i want to thank u for u did my work nicely and all by ur self, i found u trustworthy and wanna work with u more.

there’s an online class consist of 3 short answer weekly by using course material which can only access by my student account so it would be difficult to put the link on study pool.

other than short questions, there are weekly quizzes and a mid term essay and a final essay for this course. I attached part of the syllabus for u cuz it need student account to access the whole.

i am asking if u could do the assignments for this course for me the whole 5 weeks, i know it’s a lot of work so we can discuss the price.

plz add my snapchat to discuss more.

ps. there’s a short answer due tmr, so we better hurry 🙂

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