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Module 04 Written Assignment – Pick a Genre

Choose your favorite film of all time. If you are not a fan of film, conduct some research on notable films from cinema history and choose one that appeals to you.

In a 1-2 page paper, describe unique features of your chosen film and genre and explain what you like and/or dislike about the genre. You are to analyze what makes your chosen film a good representation of the genre. Name the genre that your favorite film falls under (film noir, romantic comedy, the screen musical, the western, horror, suspense, thriller, documentary/docudrama, fictionalized biography, comedy drama, etc.). Your written assignment requires APA format, as well as in-text and full reference page citation.

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Module 04 Discussion – Reality TV and the Theater

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Avionce Washington

Module 04 Discussion


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Reality television is here to stay. I feel the popularity of Reality TV will sustain its place in popular culture. However, I do feel the content of Reality TV will evolve with the changes within humanities the way theater has. Theater plays were once based on Shakespeare and writings like the Elephant Man. Now theater covers many different genres, for example, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was once on Broadway. Reality TV as we know it has evolved in the last 10 years, starting with VH1’s Flavor of Love (2020), and now we have HGTV House Hunter’s (2020). HGTV House Hunters is a reality show based on different couples buying homes. Couples spend six to seven figures buying a home on television. What once was crazy, loud, women fighting for the love of a not so attractive man as reality, has evolved into a tasteful family show. I feel both theater and Reality TV will continue to change humanities.


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