( one page ) worksheet biology Ecology and Biomes

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Ecology and Biomes Ch. 34

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Define Ecology:

What structural levels of biology are located in the Biosphere?

Define Biotic vs. Abiotic factors:

The Biosphere

What are different physical and chemical factor that can and will influence life the the biosphere? Be sure to include at least 6 factors.

Aquatic Biomes

Define pelagic realm

Define benthic realm

Define photic zone

Define aphotic zone

What is the difference between an intertidal zone and an estuary?

Which biome will be the transition between an aquatic biome and terrestrial biome?

Terrestrial biomes:

For the following Biomes, describe the temperature, precipitation, and general features of each.

Tropical forest




Temperate grassland

Temperate broadleaf forest



High mountains

Polar ice

How are all biomes connected to each other?

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