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Week Two Nehemiah’s Leadership Discussion

Identify thinking traits of effective leaders, according to Scripture.


Again, our goal is to connect what Paul’s teaching in Philippians has to say about right thinking to that of our own thought processes. Your response to the discussion forum above and your interaction with the comments of others are both meant to help you see that exposure to biblical principles will help lead you toward healthy leadership thought.

Now that you have taken a good look at Paul and his leadership thought in Philippians, we will move to the OT leader Nehemiah, considering his thinking traits.  

  • Read in Nehemiah Chapters 1-5.
  • Consider the following:  
    • Chapter 1: Why do you think he inquired about the status of Jerusalem to begin with? What was his reaction when he heard of Jerusalem’s condition? Why did he react that way? What role does prayer play in the life of Nehemiah, and what does his prayer say about his leadership thought?
    • Chapter 2: Why was he afraid in verse 2? What was his first reaction when the king asked what he wanted in verse 4? What does this say about his leadership thought? Why does Nehemiah believe the king granted his request? What was the first thing Nehemiah did when he got to Jerusalem? How does he respond after he sees the condition of the gates? How does he respond to Sanballat and Tobiah? What does this say about Nehemiah?
    • Chapter 3: Given all that goes on in this chapter, what does this indicate about Nehemiah’s thought processes as a leader?
    • Chapter 4: How does Nehemiah respond to opposition and the fatigue of his workers? What does he remind the people of regarding their source of protection?
    • Chapter 5: What does Nehemiah’s emphasis on helping the poor, in the midst of a building project, say about his leadership thought, values, and emphases?

h’s Leadership Discussion

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