objective research paper assignment

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Select a particular event in history (war, economic competition, etc.) that resulted in a specific minority group being targeted for prejudice. Briefly describe the event and when it occurred (about half a page, at most). Then write a detailed description and analysis how and why the group was treated as a result. How might these experiences affect people from this group today? What theories of prejudice might explain why and how this group was targeted?

Use terminology from the lectures (correctly) in your paper to earn credit.

Topic Choice: How African Americans were treated during the demand for slave labor (slavery in America)

I. The purpose of the paper (topic). NOTE: This should also be the first sentence of your paper.
II. The historical event you plan to use.
III. How the event resulted in prejudice and against whom. Why this group was vulnerable.
IV. How this affects people who are part of this group today.
V. Conclusion.

in APA style; works cited, at least 6 peer-reviewed academic sources.

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