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Effective UID

This week we are going to discuss effective user interface design.

Select one of the following questions. Then interact with your peers the latter part of the week.

  1. As far as UI design is concerned, what is “white space” and why is it important to UI design?
    • List the URLs for two applications or (web sites that allow a transaction such as ordering something) that make an effective use of white space.
    • Then identify at least one site that does not make an effective use of white space and provide its URL.
    • Where might you add white space to this latter site?


  2. As far as UI design is concerned, what is “low density” and what is “high density”?
    • Define each and explain its importance.
    • Then identify a web site with low density and one with high density and provide the URLs.
    • Explain why the web site owners might have designed each site the way they did.

    I will need 2 responses:

1- Joshua “

White Space is a very important term to know while in the User Interface Design or UID. White Space is used to and can be found in areas in which separation is used or needs to be used so that anything which is crowded may be reduced or minimized. This is very important to keep as you want the interface to give all the awareness that is needed for the user to know without the user using lots of effort to gain that awareness.

Here are two URLs that I believe do an effective usage of White Space –

Apple – Apple

Airbnb – Airbnb: Vacation Rentals, Cabins, Beach Houses, Unique Homes & Experiences

Here is one URL that I believe DOES NOT do an effective usage of White Space –

MGBD Parts – MGBD Parts (roverp6cars.com)

For the one provided above, I would clear out everything, by getting rid of most of the pictures on the side, and by significantly reducing the amount of clutter so that a much cleaner user-friendly interface will be used. Which would be used easily and conveniently like Apple or Airbnb!

2- Salih “

High density refers to page layouts in which the density of information is high. Meaning that there is a lot of information jam-packed into one small area of the screen. Low density refers to the opposite, meaning that there is not a lot of information concentrated in one part of the screen. The type of density level preference depends on the user. More advanced users often prefer high density while novice users prefer low-density UIs.

An example of a low-density website is https://www.thelightphone.com/ The Light Phone

This website utilizes a low-density UI to echo its mission of living minimalistically without the constant cluttering of information that smartphones throw at you daily. It appeals to its demographic target because of the layout and design of open spaces and breathability.

An example of a high-density website is https://www.usatoday.com/ USA Today

This website utilizes high-density UI because it garners many daily users that expect and know where everything is. So it is just a matter of clicking on the subjects they want. It takes away the need to scroll and move around excessively because daily users would prefer to not have that and prefer to access their feeds quicker. Although the information is heavily concentrated, it is still easy to scan with the eyes because of the headers and colors that contrast with the page. This makes finding the right sections and feeds easier as well. 

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